Welcome New Year with These Home Decor Trends

If there is one perfect time to update your home or give it a nice make-over, it is certainly around the New Year. It is just the right time to add some fresh colours to your interiors, incorporate your favourite kitchen ideas to the heart of the home, or simply add some new art pieces to the interiors. If the emerging home décor trends tempt you to update your home, here we give you some simple tips to do that. Listed below are some of the hottest décor trends that will surely help you make some serious statement and welcome the New Year in style:

 1-Floral wallpapers: Floral patterns have been around for quite some time and you will continue to see these pretty patterns in the future as well but with a modern update. Bold colours are here to stay and you will also see metallic versions becoming popular in 2021. So if the thought of flower power wallpaper makes you happy, this New Year would just be the right time to add them to your home. They are a very good option for powder bathrooms. If you are someone who is not ready to fully commit to wallpapers, there is a huge variety of stick-on options that you can go with.

 2-Non-white kitchen: An all-white kitchen has been a defining design trend that we have seen for years now. But for 2021, interiors designers predict that there will be a shift in people’s choice who will go beyond white. Natural wood cabinets, wooden shelves, and colour pop cabinets will become very popular and would be a stylish addition to your kitchen. So opt for colours like green, navy blue, and bright yellow for base cabinets and kitchen wall cabinets if you want to give your 2-bed residence in Goregaon or elsewhere a modern makeover. It will help you keep a lively and airy vibe to space without restricting to everything white.

 3– Simple, rounded furniture: With people spending most of their time indoors and even working from home due to the pandemic, there is a rising demand for furniture pieces that embrace comfort. Look for armchairs, sofas, and sectionals that have a comfortable look and feel and would be a great addition to your home. Wood furniture with simple decorative carvings will just be perfect for your living and dining room. So if you want to add new furniture pieces to your home, opt for simple, rounded wooden furniture that offers a perfect blend of comfort and tradition.

 4- Décor pieces that have a natural look: Another way to give a stylish makeover to your home is by adding décor items made with natural materials as that will give a more natural look to the interiors. Instead of harsh décor prices, designers suggest embracing materials with a natural look. You can opt for décor pieces made with jute, cane, ceramic plants, leather, etc. These items will make space look more tied up and with oodles of textures, it will also add a calming effect to the interiors.

So if you have an apartment in one of the best residential projects in Thane or elsewhere, like the ones made by the Dynamic Group, and want to amp-up the interiors of your homeincorporate these simple home décor ideas and welcome the New Year in style.

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