What Is The Right Age To Buy Your First Property And How Do You Go About It?

Being considered one of the most common dreams, the purchase of the first property with 33 realty is an activity that requires very well executed personal and financial planning so that it does not bring headaches in the future.

Paying the total amount of a property in cash is not a benefit that everyone has. Therefore, planning must be even more careful. One of the biggest questions that arise is: at what age should I start this planning?

Although there is no universal answer to this question, the age at which people enter the job market varies greatly, and it is not possible to pin down an exact age. However, several experts agree that the best time would be between 20 and 30 years.

Reason To Buy Properties At An Early Age

The reason for this is quite simple. During this stage, people have one of the most valuable inputs in life and any negotiation: Time.

After money, time can be considered the second most important thing for anyone looking to buy a property. The two main alternatives to cash purchases are Financing and Consortium. These two modalities require a considerable amount of time from the buyer to pay them, and it is at this point that young people benefit the most.


We have already talked here about the prerequisites for buying a financed property. One of these prerequisites is the down payment that needs to be given when signing the contract. At least 20% of the property, this value scares most buyers, but it is at this point that a young person, with time on their side and not in a hurry to buy their property, takes advantage.

Benefit Of Starting Financing At A Younger Age

As most people of this age still live with their parents and therefore do not have a high housing cost, it is possible to allocate a good part of their salaries in investments that will bring a good return during this time. The more money you can save, the greater the down payment the young person will make in the apartment according 33 realty, thus reducing the amount to be financed and the debt due to the interest rate.

Another benefit of starting financing at a younger age is the installment payment period, which is usually 20 to 30 years. A young person who starts a loan before age 30 will pay off his debts around age 50. An age that will allow you to choose several alternatives with the property in hand, whether to keep it or even sell it to buy another one that better meets your current needs. The older that age, the more resistance people have to make such changes.

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