Factors to consider when choosing a construction crane

Cranes are essential equipment when building skyscrapers, moving heavy objects, or even ease the construction process in a construction site around the globe. Different types of cranes found in a construction project are all used for specific tasks, and every part of the crane is essential for it to function.

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Crane industries are growing due to the increasing demand for different cranes in the construction and engineering industries. Choosing the right crane for the construction project varies based on the construction site, project size, cost, weather, duration of the project, transportation, surrounding obstacles, the weight to be lifted and the height of the materials to be used. Visit a crane supplier for more products and professional information.

Factors to consider when choosing a construction crane

  • Construction site

The condition and terrain of the construction site dictate what kind of crane to be used during the construction project. The condition of the construction site, possible constraints or weather condition affects the choice of a crane to be used. This is because different cranes are suited for various functionalities and capabilities for different conditions of construction projects.

  • Project size and duration

Cranes are usually not a one size fit all kind of project. Understanding the scope of your construction projects helps to narrow down to the right crane to be used thus, helps to save money, and meet the project objectives efficiently. Understanding whether the project size is large or small helps determine the crane that best meets the project objectives. Evaluating factors like the crane’s strengths, capabilities, and dimensions, ensure that the construction project runs as planned with no obstructions. Duration of the project also matters when choosing cranes as some cranes like a tower crane, are best suited for long-term projects due to the amount of space and time required to prepare them before use.

  • Transportation

Different cranes have different methods of transportation, hence, crane transportation to the construction site is a critical consideration when choosing a construction crane. This is also due to different rules, and regulations regarding the transport of heavy equipment and machinery. Some cranes require to be assembled at the construction site thus an appropriate transportation method is to be considered.

  • Weight and height of materials to be lifted

The weight to be lifted and the height of the materials are the first aspects to consider when choosing a construction crane. The load type and weight to be moved may require different characteristics of movement thus, choosing the right crane for your project ensure work efficiency. The height of the materials will affect how the boom will be set up as well as the right boom to perform the task.

  • Surrounding obstacles

Environmental aspects of the construction site are to be considered as cranes need to be able to circumvent surrounding obstacles. Obstacles such as nearby buildings, power lines, and flow of traffic, affect the way a crane lifts the load from the platform to its destination. Considering the nearby obstacles or effects on the public is a factor when choosing a crane.

It is a complex but necessary process to choose the right and best crane for your project.

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