Wondering how to make an opening in your wall for that window, door or HVAC? The best way to do so is by undertaking wall slab sawing. It is a technique that makes the cuts into the walls for your desired purpose. These cuts need to be made with precision and care and should only be done by a Wall Slab Sawing Contractor Toronto. It is not always possible to know everything about everything. We are here to tell you about wall slab sawing and how you can find yourself the ideal contractor for the same. Finding the contractor can be a task and we will help to make it easier for you.

What is Wall Slab Sawing?

Wall slab sawing is the method of making the opening for your new window, doorway or HVAC. The sawing involves the usage of a diamond blade on a track-mounted system. This blade makes cuts that are horizontal and vertical. As it makes use of the diamond blade, the cuts made from it are quite precise even though they are on a concrete structure. 360 Demo makes use of the advanced track-mounted wall saws. This enables them to make highly precise openings of the desired shape and size. The device used by them for creating this opening is ideal for bricks, concretes, structural beams, masonry columns, ceilings and flush cut conditions.

When should you consider wall slab sawing?

Sawing the wall slab can be carried out for various purposes. It can enable the creation of an opening for plumbing and electrical work. You can cut holes into the walls for air conditioning and ventilation purposes. Slab sawing can also eliminate overcuts and corner-cutting. It can cut concrete pipes and beams and basement windows. You can saw to create man doors and overhead doors. Wall Slab sawing is something that can be considered in spaces where it is impractical to use larger saws.

Why should you reach out to 360 Demo?

A simple search on the internet can give us multiple options. Even though we might be spoilt for choice, it isn’t always a good thing. How do you find a reliable name? This is when 360 Demo comes into the picture. For decades, they have been committed to fulfilling the requirements of their clients be it wall slab sawing or partial demolition. They will be there by your side.

Each project is unique and has its own set of requirements. When you approach them for work, they will work with you to understand the project. Based on that, they will tailor the services to be provided. They plan to the finest detail, so you know what you are in for. While planning, they work towards bringing down any risks associated with it. Each task is done with precision and care while using the latest tools and techniques. 360 Demo is committed to providing its clients with the best services within the promised time and budget. When you hire them, you can be sure that there will be no hidden costs.

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