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How to Inject Life into an Old Room

When it comes to breathing some new life into an old room, there are a few key ways in which you can achieve this without it having to be a huge project. From flooring to lighting, the way you design the room from scratch will help to give you the foundations for a stylish, fresh space that feels new and on trend. Continue reading to find out how you can inject life into an old room and which features will benefit your home the most.


Flooring Improvements

Starting with the flooring is very beneficial as you can work your way up from here to the walls and then furnishings. Look at the different flooring options that you have available, taking the type of room into consideration. For example, you may want to introduce tiles, stone or marble to a kitchen floor, whereas carpet or wooden flooring may be better suited to your living areas and bedrooms. Once you’ve decided on the style of flooring, you can replace the old style and create a fresh new feel for the whole room. It’s amazing how much of a difference a whole new floor can make to a space. Take a look online here to browse the different flooring types and identify which you’d like to introduce to your home.

Window Enhancements

As a feature that is seen from both the interior and exterior of your home, you want your windows to really look the part. Old windows can really change the way a house looks and feels, so you want to look at updating your window areas to bring them to life. From the hinges to the frames and handles, like these available at GJohns, you can create a really fresh, new feel for the room by making the smallest changes. It’s always worth noting that having enough natural light in the room can help to make the space feel larger and more inviting, so bear this in mind if you’re choosing new window designs.

Update the Walls

More often than not, the main thing that stands out and makes a room feel old can be the walls. If you’re dealing with old-fashioned wallpaper then that’s certainly got to go, just like any out-of-date paint colours or styles that are creating an old feel. You want to introduce some bright colour to the walls, even if it’s a fresh lick of cream paint or some stylish wallpaper that will bring the room to life in an instant. The moment you update the walls, you’ll notice a really welcoming feel within the room, accommodated by the flooring to really make the décor pop. You could even opt for a feature wall of wallpaper or one solid colour, to make things a little different and add more character to the space.

Introduce Trendy Furniture

In order to make the room feel modern and welcoming, you need some trendy furniture to fill the space. Furniture plays a huge part in the way a room looks and feels, so you want to introduce pieces that are going to make the room comfortable and easy to use. From stylish seating arrangements to unique storage solutions, you can transform an old room into a new space with the right pieces of furniture. Take a look online at IKEA to find some contemporary on-trend pieces to help enhance the overall feel of the room.

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