Before Installing New Flooring Read This Write Up

If you have finally decided to go ahead with changing the flooring of your home to transform its appearance, then there are few things that you need to consider.

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Following are few things that you must know before you go for changing your floor.

  • Always check after delivery, that all planks and accessories are conforming to your specifications so far as quantity, quality, appearance and moisture are concerned, for identifying any problems immediately.
  • You must always carry all floor planks inside after delivery immediately and never leave them outdoors.
  • You may open few packs to check all the floor panels to do visible inspection for any damage, colour differences and any deviation in shape or dimension. Contact supplier immediately if you notice any faults.
  • Before you start installation, check the condition of your subfloor. Subfloor must meet all the requirements that have been provided in the instruction manual. You must also involve the installer while verifying the condition about the subfloor. If any conditions are not properly met, then it must be corrected.
  • Try to always check about floor plan, details and drawings from the designer. Make sure that all other materials are ready.
  • Also consider about humidity factor throughout, right from design stage to finally up to construction. Humidity factor will play a very decisive role right from the beginning, hence never start installing floors under problematic humidity conditions.
  • Also, ensure to measure moisture contents of concrete before installation.
  • Any kind of work that may add moisture into the construction, like masonry work and painting work, should be completed before the floor installation.
  • For vapour barrier, you must use minimum 0.20 mm of PE foil.
  • Whole building must be dried out in accordance with humidity guidelines. Make sure that no floor planks are delivered until your building is totally sealed off, warm, dry and your humidity levels remain under control.
  • You may place any good hygrometer to keep an eye about humidity level. Your building must be totally at equilibrium with mean humidity of the season.
  • There are certain situations when sound-dampening of sub-floor may be needed. Therefore, samples should be made and tested by any acoustic engineer before you start the installation work.
  • You must also try to buy all materials from local areas due to following few reasons:
  • Community benefits

Buying all flooring materials from nearby shop will make sure that your money will remain within your community.

  • Knowledgeable sales people

Sales people will provide you genuine information about their flooring items as you can always question them any time you meet them.

  • Wider selection

Even if it is a smaller shop, but they will offer you many choices and even if they do not have in their stock will specially procure for you.

Once you are thorough with everything, you can then proceed with the installation of new flooring option.

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