Are Houses Bought for Cash Too Good to Be True?

Just a few years ago, we had a landlord come to us. He wanted to sell his tenanted house. He’d worked with other quick house sale companies, and he was not excited about the process. He truly believed that houses bought for cash were nothing short of a frustrating process for landlords like him. Then, he came to GoodMove, and all of that changed. He experienced the fastest sale he’d ever had before, and he was happy to walk away with the money he’d made from the home.

Unfortunately, that customer isn’t alone. Many believe that companies like GoodMove who advertise “Houses Bought For Cash,” can’t possibly be a good deal. The reality, though, is quite different.

What is a Cash Buyer?

A cash house buyer is a company that has a fairly large cash reserve to buy properties like yours. Essentially, we’re an investment company ready to make a purchase on properties across the UK. We have the cash ready, and once the process is complete, we’ll hand it to you. In fact, the entire transaction can take place over just a few weeks’ time.

The Simplicity of Working with a Cash Buyer

Not sure why you’d want to work with a company like GoodMove? We offer quick sales, far faster than you might be able to get if you were to sell your home on the open market. There are a number of advantages outside of the speed with which we do business, though, that many home sellers appreciate. First, you’ll never pay any of the standard home seller fees when you work with us. You don’t have to worry about an estate agent’s commission, the legal fees a conveyance solicitor might charge, or even the upgrades you may need to make to your home to ensure it is attractive to potential buyers. Instead, it’s simply a matter of taking a look at our initial offer, working through the inspection process, then approving our final offer. You won’t wait on another bank to approve us for a loan or have to worry about the sale falling through. Instead, when you work with GoodMove, you can expect one simple thing – cash at the end of the process.

We Work With the National Association of Property Buyers

Many worry those offers advertising “Houses Bought for Cash” are too good to be true because companies like GoodMove aren’t regulated organisations. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. In fact, we’re the most regulated company in the industry! We work with the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), a regulatory agency that ensures companies like ours always operate honestly. While not all companies in the industry work with these regulatory agencies, we believe it’s essential. Additionally, we’re regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and they also help to oversee the property market. We actually purchase the properties ourselves. We’re not brokers to other investors, so with us, you’ll get a truly great company that’s well regulated within the industry.

We’re Really Not Too Good to Be True!

As thousands of happy customers have realised, we’re really not too good to be true. Instead, we buy any type of property across the UK. There’s no property chain to think about when you work with us, and if you’re really ready to complete the sale, it can happen in as little as seven days.

Whether you’ve previously listed your home or you’re just thinking about listing it, we can help. It takes just a single phone call, an email, or the completion of our contact form on our website, and we’ll be with you immediately. Houses bought for cash aren’t just a fairy tale some home sellers have created in the past. Instead, there are real companies available like GoodMove that are ready to spend cash to help you get out of your house for absolutely any reason. From foreclosure to divorce to a fast change of jobs, GoodMove is here to help you get the money you need immediately. Learn more when you reach out to us today to get a free, no-obligation preliminary offer.

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