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9 Ideas To Make Your Shed Even Better

As more residents find themselves working from home or looking to make the most of their living space, the potential of humble garden sheds is being called into question. When outbuildings can so easily be converted into living spaces or improved garden assets, their renovation is on the rise.

Drawing from some of the most popular examples of shed conversions, as well as exciting ideas from the world of property design, we’re sharing 9 inspirational ideas that are certain to make your shed even better.

Yoga Studio

Those with a well-curated garden will know the value of spending time outdoors, especially as to how relaxing nature can be, from the fresh air to the aroma of flowers. This is why yoga studios or zen environments are being increasingly curated at home, with many converting their sheds into private, naturally inspired settings for their yoga sessions.

Home Offices

Perhaps the most popular idea for a shed conversion is the home office. Creating and containing a professional environment in a detached garden outbuilding has a number of benefits, being a low-cost and high-quality use of garden space, one that makes working from home easy.

Cabin Stay

The number of log cabins for sale should give you an idea as to how popular they are, replacing sheds across the country. Many are customising their cabins into guest rooms or Airbnb stays, creating a cosy bed space in their garden.

Outdoor Dining

In the UK, it can be difficult to justify an outdoor dining area since it is unlikely to be enjoyed for much of the year. However, a shed can be converted into an open-front dining space easily, allowing for meals to be enjoyed outdoors even in cooler and wetter weather.

Entertainment Space

Depending on the size potential of your shed and garden, a cosy outbuilding might be the perfect place to set up a private entertainment space, somewhere to screen movies or stream games in private whenever you want.


Parents might consider converting their shed into a dedicated playroom. Building a safe space gives children their own room to enjoy, where their toys and games can be safely kept and organised too.

Creative Workshop

If you have a hobby or craft that requires tools and equipment, from screenprinting to developing photographs, a shed space can be the ideal place to establish and build upon your interest. It is, for example, difficult to create a dark room within the home but a shed can easily be customised to accommodate photograph development.

Streaming Space

If you teach online or host entertainment streams, then having a private space within which to game or entertain is ideal. Being close to the home, sheds can be fitted with utilities and then customised with eye-catching aesthetics, making streaming content even easier.

Social Space

Whether establishing a private bar for your next garden party or setting up a board game table indoors, sheds can become the centre of a gathering, not only supporting your next social event but even defining it!

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